A look back at Kutmusic in 2017

Here’s a look at Kutmusic’s musical output in 2017, which amounted to more than a dozen releases and included digital albums, singles, compilations and CDs.

We started the year with Ursel‘s self-titled, third album, “Ursel”, a musical journey through different electronic styles, showcasing their rich, eclectic roots and inspirations.

In february we published Frank Sinapsi‘s “That Voice from Space”, Francesco Cusa and Enrico Merlin, experimental/avant-garde jazz project to celebrate Frank Sinatra‘s 100th birthday! It was also released as a limited digipak CD with a booklet in which each track is illustrated by artist Mattia Franceschini, who also provided the cover and all of the project’s images.

In march Kutmusic added to its roster the folk duo DogsLoveCompany and released their new single “Mare Maje”> and then the “Ballate Folk ed altre storie” EP.

Then, in collaboration with Four Flies Records Kutmusic released the digital versions of two albums by the late, great legendary composer and musician Alessandro Alessandroni: “Afro discoteca” and the “Sangue di sbirro” soundtrack.

Our summer was hot and scorching, as our output, which feature four great and very diverse projects: “Post Kali Yuga”, the third album by Italian futurists of jazz-pop NAD (Neu Abdominaux Dangereux), the reissue of Fabiengeneration‘s groovy and dancey “Understatement”, the “Ride the Wave” synthwave anthem by Kek and “Home Sweet Home”, an EP of audio experiments by jazz/avantgarde musicians Vincenzo Grossi, Bindo Cozzolino, Luigi Di Giampietro, formerly known as Trio Ereb.

In october our catalogue was enriched by another single by electronica experimentator Joyello, “Salut” in which, thanks to Roberto Zantedeschi he ventures into nu jazz.

On the first of december, after more than one year and a half of work, Riccardo Pro’s brand new Kafka-inspired rock project Samsa Dilemma debuted on Kutmusic with “Wake Up Gregor!!”.

Before the end of the year we also added the “Solchi sperimentali” DVD Documentary to the the list of third-party releases we are happy to help distribute.

That’s all for this year.
Stay tuned for more great stuff and in the meantime check the links and listen to our great artists!

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