A look back at Kutmusic in 2018

Better late than never, they say, so here’s a cursory look at Kutmusic’s musical output in 2018.
If we add all of the digital albums, singles, compilations, CDs and vinyl discs the label published a staggering total of twenty-six. That’s more than two times the music we published in 2017. Wow!

So first of all a big thank you to all of our artists and the people working in front and behind the scenes, and of course our longtime commercial partners, distributors, printers, retailers, trade show organizers… and our fans and listeners. You know who you are. We couldn’t do it without you. Thanks again. :)

So, what did Kutmusic publish in 2018? Let’s see…
We began the year with a smooth crossover of electronic, pop and rock courtesy of The Monophase and then proceeded to publish two works featuring the talents of experimental guitarist extraordinaire Roberto Zorzi, one with Scott Amendola and Michael Manring and the other a recording of a live performance with Massimo Barbiero and Boris Savoldelli.

March saw the release of Peluqueria Hernandez‘s “Cassiodoro Remixes”, a limited edition 12″ vinyl with a hip-hop remix produced by DJ Zeta featuring Zampa and an electronic remix by Yog Wolley.
This was followed by a bunch of digital rereleases, four italian classics by Giancarlo Barigozzi, Modern Sound Quartet, Ivan Basilio e i Sergowa – from the Minstrel Edizioni Musicali catalogue, in cooperation with Four Flies Records – and Bruno Canfora.

In April Kutmusic teamed up again with Samsa Dilemma‘s Riccardo Pro for “Macerie”, a compilation of tracks from new and emerging artists from the Italian Alternative Rock and Post-Rock scene.
More rereleases came in May and then again in September, in the form of erotic tracks from The Cash Maker Orchestra.

In June, after a couple of years of hard work, Kutmusic published another limited edition colored vinyl, this time a 7″, featuring two remastered, unreleased recordings by… The Rolling Stones!
After an experimental James Brown Unofficial Remix released via Dubset Media, we made more widely available an album of musique concrète experiments by Joyello. In July we put out a brand new single by DogsLoveCompany, followed a couple months later by their second full album, “Scorribanda”.

In the second half of the year the number of Kutmusic genre-based compilations increased substantially with the release of “The Alternative, Rock and Electronic Dancefloor – A Kutmusic Sampler, Vol.1”, “Film Music and Instrumentals – A Kutmusic Sampler, Vol. 2” and “Eurobeat, Italo Disco & Synthwave Hits, Vol. 1”. Whew!

We ended 2018 with a bang, releasing in December a techno track by the mysterious Les Avec, a supercatchy tune by synth-pop duo Ramillete Blonda, a new collection of songs by rockers Danesh and an explosive EP by fuzz-infused combo Los Infartos.
And last but not least there was even a collection of Classic Christmas Carols, newly digitized and remastered from vintage tapes Kutmusic acquired from the UK.