About Kutmusic

Founded in 1988 as a subversive cassette-only label, by cryptozenarchist DJ Batman (Nicola Battista, from Pescara, Italy), Kutmusic Italhouse surfaced on the indie label market during the 90’s with vinyl, cd and cd-r releases and also collaborations with fellow labels for compilations.

the Kutmusic logoOnline since October 1995 and in the digital music market since 1998 (ten years from the start of the undeground activity), the Kutmusic brand originally focused primarily on electronica in all forms (ambient, house, dance, techno, jungle, d’n’b.).

The presence in the Internet music market caused Kutmusic to attract artists from every style (from post-rock and lo-fi to soundtracks and even pop), this generating music portal Ecl3ctic.com and several sublabels active in different music styles and projects.

Kutmusic was a pioneer in digital distribution, being the first Italian label to sign a digital distribution contract in the US in 1998, working with every major digital outlet since the early days of the new music industry and even being active part in the Napster case between 2000 and 2002.

Since 2008, Kutmusic is active also in bringing legitimate music to virtual worlds such as IMVU and NuVera Online.

1988: underground cassette-only label, founded by Dj Batman (Nicola Battista, from Pescara, Italy);
1995 (august): first track on cd in UK (Dj Batman “Sampling Stupid Noises at Silly Samplers’ Studio”);
1995 (october): online operations begin;
1998: first Italian label signing a digital distribution contract in USA;
1998-1999: Kutmusic on CDuctive, Riffage.com, Mp3.com, Vitaminic and many others;
2000: Kutmusic on eMusic;
2000-2002: active role in the original Napster case;
2002: CD Baby distribution;
2004: Kutmusic in Apple iTunes;
2008: legal music for virtual worlds (IMVU, NuVera…)