Agua Calientes – “Rumore”

Agua Calientes - Rumore

Pop, Ska, Reggae, Funk, Soul, Black Music: these (and more) are the influences for this exciting Italian combo. Most of their material is original but they like to cover songs by Elvis Costello, The Creeps, Talking Heads (!) and others. After a demo release (“Gasp!”) in 1995 and another in 1997 (“FlockHauS”, circulating in more than 500 copies) they got signed to Toast Records and released the CD EP “Surfin’Ska”. While currently producing new material in their usual style, Agua Calientes recently started a collaboration with some electronic artists and djs from the Kutmusic label for remixes and dance-style reworkings (the first one is “Azulene 300”, a new version of “Azul”, included in the Paco Dj album “…Any Doubt Funk?”, released in 2002). 2003 is the year of the pop/ska hit “Fuori ControllO” (out on 170+ radio stations and hot in the digital music charts!) and waiting for a new album, the new single is “RUMORE” (a Raffaella Carrà pop cover!) featuring also a special dance version (RUMORE RMX) by Agua Calientes vs. Funklab!

© Copyright 2004 Kutmusic under license from Agua Calientes

Released: May 2004
Artist: Agua Calientes
Title: Rumore
Catalogue number: FHS-04-002P
UPC: 634479025808
Label: FlockHauS

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