Anonima Sequencer – “AS”


Anonima Sequencer is an instrumental project created by Nic Cosmo (Nicola Salerno) and drummer Frank Moreno (Moreno Adami) in 1998/2000.
Previously unreleased and newly remastered in 2014, “AS” explores different blends of electronica, ranging from ambient techno with exotic elements (“Thai”, “Bhaja Govindam”) to cinematic moments (“Peire Vidal”) and furious drum’n’bass (“Cuzco”).

Anonima Sequencer’s music sees an intensive use of orchestral and vocal samples: the most important one being “Sinfonietta” by Czech classical composer Leoš Janáček (1854-1928) used as a main theme in “Alcatraz”, a track which gained AS a prize in an international contest in the Netherlands, before turning into the backing track for the song “Traveling” by Corey and Cosmo, whose EP was released in 2006.

© Copyright 2015 Kutmusic, under license from Anonima Sequencer

Released: January 2015
Artist: Anonima Sequencer
Title: AS
Catalogue number: KE025
UPC: 4250782401540
Label: Kutmusic

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