Various Artists – “Eurobeat, Italo Disco & Synthwave Hits, Vol. 1”

Kutmusic is proud to offer a brand new digital collection of nineteen (19!) great dance, Eurobeat and synthwave tunes, featuring a trove of beloved artists such as David Dima, Synthwave League, Robert Patton, Dave Rodgers, Dream Fighter, Ai Yamamoto and more!
Published via Feiyr, with tracks licensed from established Eurobeat labels such as Dima Music, SCP Music and BYM!

Cover photo: PJeganathan / Wikimedia Commons (CC BY 4.0)

© Copyright 2018 Kutmusic, under license from the respective artists

Released: November 2018
Artist: Various Artists
Title: Eurobeat, Italo Disco & Synthwave Hits, Vol. 1
Catalogue number: KC3P07
UPC: 0657968677807
Label: Kutmusic

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