Fabiengeneration – “Understatement”

Funk, soul, dance & electronic: the many sides of Fabien (Claudio Magnani) with music & co-production by Alberto Benati!
With a solid background in performing/singing (Fabien) and music production (Alberto Benati) for the dance market – especially the Japanese “eurobeat” scene, but also in other areas (Alberto has been part of soul/funk band Ridillo for a long time) the people behind “Understatement”, originally released in 2011 by Greater London Records, surely know how to put together an album, showcasing different styles: a mix of funk and soul – some of the tracks are newly arranged versions of compositions made for a previous project called SeptemberGroove – with dance and electronic elements.
Kutmusic – after striking a deal with the Benati & Magnani team in 2017 – proudly re-introduces this album to a new audience!

© Copyright 2017 Kutmusic Italhouse, Under License from C.Magnani & A.Benati

Released: June 2017
Artist: Fabiengeneration
Title: Understatement
Catalogue number: KE045
UPC: 0657968690271
Label: Kutmusic

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