Frank Sinapsi (Francesco Cusa & Enrico Merlin) – “That Voice from Space”

Francesco Cusa and Enrico Merlin venture in space for an experimental/avant-garde jazz project to celebrate Frank Sinatra‘s 100th birthday!
Drums, guitars and the occasional space age spoken word bits: rather than producing an ordinary tribute album including a bunch of covers, the duo pays a non-conventional homage to one of the most important musical innovators, through a Sinatra-inspired space odissey.
Dedicated to a musical “alien” who came to Earth in 1915 to change the rules of the game.

“100 years ago, a man from outer space landed on the third stone from the Sun. Here’s the story to be told…”

© Copyright 2017 Kutmusic, under license from Frank Sinapsi

Released: February 2017
Artist: Frank Sinapsi (Francesco Cusa & Enrico Merlin)
Title: That Voice from Space
Catalogue number: KE031
UPC: 0638097886742
Label: Kutmusic

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