Joyello – “beat.”


“beat.”: a collaborative project launched by Italian artist Joyello, with many guests, mixing obsessive sound samples from everyday life with original, experimental music.

Willfully mixing references to Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg and the “beat generation” with the purely musical concept of “rhythm”, “beat.” refuses to follow the rules and ventures into a landscape made of obsessive sounds such as dripping water, heartbeats, breathing sounds and more. Each sound is sent to different collaborators who process it, contributing with original material in full artistic freedom.
Experimental music, fragments of melody, spoken word (such as Ken Nordine’s sampled voice in “Glad 4 Magenta”, previously appeared as a single, with permission from the original performer), plunderphonic moments: Mingle, Nicola Cosmo Salerno, Nelide Bandello, Federico Mosconi, Mauro Marchesi, Marcello Bono, Antonella Vigliani are Joyello’s companions in their virtual travel into a vortex of found – or rediscovered – sound.

© Copyright 2015 Kutmusic, under license from Joyello

Released: February 2015
Artist: Joyello
Title: beat.
Catalogue number: KE026
UPC: 4250782369888
Label: Kutmusic

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