Kites Underwater – “Data to Sod”


Tom Giardini (DJ Chunky, New School Grad/Experimental Multimedia) and Jianda Monique (OM Records, Ghostly Records, UCI/Pomona College Claremont) are Kites Underwater.

Hailing from two different worlds, Kites Underwater commingles sounds from underground and celestial melodies that are at once atypical, grounding and re-energizing. A fortunate slip of a typing tap coined the phrase, “Re-Energiving,” which befits this band… interested in sonic mutuality and enlightenment.

With mellifluous sonic delights ranging from noise, to art-rock, ragged/raw beats in the depths of chill electronica, soundscapes that must be heard to be experienced, Kites Underwater is deeply down with the art of the feelgood. With uplifting while centering. With hearing you breathe tonight. Headphones or live like heartbeats, you will want to come see and feel them.

Data to Sod” is their 2016 debut single on Kutmusic.

© Copyright 2016 Kutmusic, under license from Kites Underwater

Released: June 2016
Artist: Kites Underwater
Title: Data to Sod
Catalogue number: KE038
UPC: 4250532591972
Label: Kutmusic

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