NAD (Neu Abdominaux Dangereux) – “DangereuXorcisms”


Centered around Nicola Cosmo Salerno and Roberto Zorzi, the NAD project – formerly Niù Abdominaux Dangereux, now Neu Abdominaux Dangereux, 25 years after their debut release “Ghosts” – features an impressive range of collaborations on “DangereuXorcisms”: the result is an exquisite melange of jazz-pop, topped with bits of pop culture such as vintage spoken samples and musical quotes from film and tv soundtracks.

Several original compositions and a bunch of unusual covers (including Ornette Coleman‘s “Feet Music“, “Brasilia Carnavaux” rewriting Chocolat’s “Brasilia Carnaval” from 1975 into a slow paced, sex-filled number; or Pink Floyd‘s “Interstellar Overdrive” changed into “Inter (Stellar Overdrive)”: psychedelic rock mutating into acid jazz).

“DangereuXorcisms” features a stellar cast of international musicians: Scott Amendola, Giovanni Albertini, Pino Dieni, Henry Kaiser, Michael Manring, Enrico Merlin, Mauro Ottolini, Marco Pasetto, Rova Saxophone Quartet and Garvey Salerno.

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Released: August 2014
Artist: NAD (Neu Abdominaux Dangereux)
Title: DangereuXorcisms
Catalogue number: CKC 2014-001
UPC: 4250782318008
Label: CKC

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