NAD (Neu Abdominaux Dangereux) – “Post Kali Yuga”

We’re living a dark age resembling the Kali Yuga described by Hindu scriptures: NAD’s third album is a journey with the Italian futurists of jazz-pop, hoping to move towards a new Golden Age.
10 original tracks composed by Nicola C. Salerno (with contributions by Roberto Zorzi in “CauntriNAD” and Enrico Merlin for “Maison Des Mentegà”) plus an imaginative reworking of the Duke Ellington composition “Wig Wise”.
Zorzi (guitars and Zorzerìe) and Salerno (soundmaster) are joined by the usual gang of respected guests: Boris Savoldelli (voice), Ben Weiss Levi (tenor sax), Marco Pasetto (clarinets & alto sax), Pino Dieni (guitars & daxophone), the elusive Plinio Carrozza (violin) with cameos by Enrico Merlin (guitars) and Mauro Ottolini (trombone).
The Kali Yuga may not be over, but NAD are once again projected ahead of our time!

© Copyright 2017 Kutmusic, under license from CKC

Released: June 2017
Artist: NAD (Neu Abdominaux Dangereux)
Title: Post Kali Yuga
Catalogue number: KE043
UPC: 0638097345195
Label: Kutmusic

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