NAD (Niù Abdominaux Dangereux) – “Ghosts (Remaster 2016)”


A stellar cast of musicians from Italy & USA: a cult jazz album from 1989 is back in a newly remastered edition!
Recorded at the end of 1988 and released in 1989, “Ghosts” has been included in Enrico Merlin‘s encyclopedic 930-pages book “1000 Dischi per un Secolo” (“1000 Records for a Century”) showcasing the best and most significant music released in the 20th century.
In “Ghosts” (which also contains a cover of the eponymous Albert Ayler track) jazz meets futurism and avantgarde receives a healthy injection of self-irony.
The group produced original compositions and their own rendition of tracks such as “Broadway Blues” by Ornette Coleman; the members adopted weird stage names: Fantasio Manlio Fox (Roberto Zorzi), Ricoh Screw Poloso (Enrico Terragnoli), Nijk Salerchia (Nicola Salerno), Egi Qselly (Egidio Zancanari) and Bert Willie Bevilacopia (Alberto Olivieri).
The impressive lineup of guests on the album includes: Riccardo Bianchi, Denardo Coleman, Fred Frith, Zamir Ahmad Khan, Elliott Sharp, Christian Marclay, Zeena Parkins, Sonny Sharrock, Umbi Maggi and Henry Kaiser.
Under a cover graced by Fortunato Depero-inspired graphics, the original LP and CD was definitely ahead of its time and was even bootlegged a few years later, in France.
9 tracks from the original release and a bonus: a previously unreleased live version of Lennon & McCartney’s “I am the Walrus“.

© Copyright 1989-2016 Kutmusic Italhouse, under license from NAD / CKC

Released: May 2016 (CD Baby: April 30, 2016)
Artist: NAD (Niù Abdominaux Dangereux)
Title: Ghosts (Remaster 2016)
Catalogue number: KE036
UPC: 0885007599180
Label: Kutmusic

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