NeoNAD – “95”


Marco Pasetto, sax soprano – Nicola Cosmo Salerno, synth and sampler – Paolo Crivellaro: stick bass – Sbibu: drums

“Digging between reels and tapes containing some of my old musical projects, I unearthed several live recordings (in studio and on stage) by a band that would have meant to be the continuation of the glorious NAD (Niù Abdominaux Dangereux) project, founded in the late ’80s together with guitarist Roberto Zorzi, and disbanded in 1991.
In 1995 I tried to involve Roberto as well as Enrico Terragnoli – the other guitarist in NAD – in this new project.
But the two musicians were too busy at the time, so their collaboration was limited a couple of appearances in the tracks of the new group.
Being the only original member of Niù Abdominaux Dangereux, I thought it would have not been fair using the NAD moniker; so I opted for NeoNAD since, after all, apart from the absence of the explicit irony which is present in NAD’s work, the musical style was at least partially in the same vein as the original band.
Since November 2012, I began remastering and cleaning these few recordings: less than 10 tracks in total.
Most of them are original compositions, mostly written by myself but arranged by the whole band, leaving much space to individual and collective improvisation.”

Nicola C. Salerno, Verona, Italy, November 2012

© Copyright 2014 Kutmusic, under license from Nicola Salerno

Released: September 2014
Artist: NeoNAD
Title: 95
Catalogue number: KE018
UPC: 4250782348081
Label: Kutmusic

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