Peluqueria Hernandez – “Mamboo”


Preceded by a 3-track single in 2015 (“Tinto Bruna non avrai il mio scalpo”), “Mamboo” is the third album for Peluqueria Hernandez!
Released in physical and digital formats, Mamboo showcases a variety of styles ranging from spaghetti western soundtracks to jazz, latin, pop-rock and exotica; with instrumentals and songs like “Solo” (sung by Joyello) or the Edda-style vocals (performed by Giuliana Bergamaschi) on “Tinto Bruna non avrai il mio scalpo” and “Kung-Fu Carla”. The only cover, The Champs“Tequila”, is rendered in a live version featuring Mauro Ottolini.
Ride your horse (or was it some vintage Italian scooter?) in an imaginary desert set somewhere between Arizona, Mexico and Italy’s Po Valley, with the band originated in 2004 from an idea by cartoonist and guitarist Mauro Marchesi!

All tracks written by Mauro Marchesi
“Solo” lyrics by Mauro Marchesi & Joyello Triolo
Recorded by Alberto Callegari @ ElfoStudio, Tavernago (PC)
Produced & arranged by: Peluqueria Hernandez
Cover illustrations: Mauro Marchesi

Mauro Marchesi: guitar, mellotron, keyboards, tapes, backing vocals
Joyello Triolo: rhythm guitar, theremin, electronics, bass (on “Cassiodoro”), vocals (on “Solo”)
Gigi Sabelli: drums, percussions (on “Torpedone per l’Inferno”), whistle (on “Torpedone per l’Inferno”), backing vocals
Luca Pighi: percussions, drums (on “Torpedone per l’Inferno”), vocals (on “One Hamburger, Please”)
Juri Romeo: electric bass, alto sax (on “Cassiodoro”), backing vocals
Roberto Lanciai: baritone sax, backing vocals
Roberto Zantedeschi: trumpet, flugelhorn, backing vocals

Giuliana Bergamaschi: vocals on “Tinto Bruna non avrai il mio scalpo” and “Kung-Fu Carla”
Mauro Ottolini: trombone on “Tequila (Live)”

© Copyright 2016 Kutmusic, under license from Peluqueria Hernandez

Released: January 2016
Artist: Peluqueria Hernandez
Title: Mamboo
Catalogue number: KEX003
UPC: 4250887809500
Label: Kutmusic

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