Ramillete Blonda – “Heaven and Hawaii”

I “Pet Shop Boys dell’Adriatico” tornano alla ribalta ed esordiscono per Kutmusic con un singolo synth-pop dalla melodia irresistibile e un video dalle atmosfere retro! The “Pet Shop Boys of the Adriatic Coast” are back in action and debut on Kutmusic with a synth-pop single with an irresistible melody and a video with a retro feel!
Written & produced by Marco MazzeiMarco Pizii
Mastering: Riccardo Ricci / Ultrasonic Studio

© Copyright 2018 Kutmusic, under license from Ramillete Blonda

Released: December 2018
Artist: Ramillete Blonda
Title: “Heaven and Hawaii”
Catalogue number: KE055
UPC: 0657968232846
Label: Kutmusic

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