St. Paul’s Girls’ Choir & Leeds Parish Church Choir – “Classic Christmas Carols (A Kutmusic Collection)”

22 registrazioni di indimenticabili canti di Natale!
Questa pubblicazione raccoglie registrazioni del St. Paul’s Girls’ Choir e Leeds Parish Church Choir realizzate nel Regno Unito durante gli anni ’70, digitalizzate e rimasterizzate nel 2018!
22 timeless recordings of classic Christmas songs!
This release compiles performances by St. Paul’s Girls’ Choir and Leeds Parish Church Choir recorded in the United Kingdom during the 1970s, newly digitized and remastered in 2018!
Tranfer, restoration & mastering: Riccardo Ricci / Velvet Room Mastering.

© Copyright 2018 Kutmusic

Released: December 2018
Artist: St. Paul’s Girls’ Choir & Leeds Parish Church Choir
Title: “Classic Christmas Carols (A Kutmusic Collection)”
Catalogue number: KCOMP15
UPC: 0657968478442
Label: Kutmusic

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