Ursel – “Nordkreuz”

Ursel - Nordkreuz

Dive deep in the European electronic music scene, with the Berlin-based duo formed by Hanibal and Penta.
Hanibal is an Italian musician, who began playing at a very early age in the late eighties (he recorded his first single when he was only 15 years old).
For a long time he sang and played guitar with different band since 2003, when he started his solo project that saw the publication of: “Songs from the End of the World” (Joprec, 2008); “AniBaal” (Musicaoltranza, 2009); “The Return of the Little Golden Prince” (7seas, 2010); “Living in the Ice Age” (IM Electronic, 2011); “Sunson” (Kutmusic, 2012).
Penta owes his musical training at the city of Berlin, the city where he was born, where he lives and where he played as a DJ since the late nineties.
The meeting between the two led to the formation of Ursel and the release of their first album project: “Nordkreuz”.

© Copyright 2012 Kutmusic Italhouse, under license from Ursel

Released: December 2012
Artist: Ursel
Title: Nordkreuz
Catalogue number: KE011
UPC: 0885007279952
Label: Kutmusic

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