Various Artists – “Songs of Abruzzo”

AAVV - Songs of Abruzzo (Collected by Alan Lomax)

Abruzzo, December 1954. Ethnomusicologists Alan Lomax and Diego Carpitella travel across some locations in the Province of L’Aquila (the area affected by a heavy earthquake in April 2009) to record field records of folk music. This cd collects new remasters of 12 Lomax recordings captured in that occasion.
Relive the spirit of an ancient population of shepherds: Lomax captured the last moments of a dying world, before its disappearance due to urban development and industrialization.

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Released: January 2010
Artist: Various Artists
Title: Songs of Abruzzo (Collected by Alan Lomax)
Catalogue number: KV001
UPC: 885007029335
Label: Kutmusic Vintage

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